What are the symptoms of the broken shift fork of the automobile gearbox

If the transmission fork of an automobile is broken, it will cause the gearbox of the automobile to be unable to operate normally. Generally, when the transmission fork of an automobile is bent or deformed, or the fork is cracked or broken, the automobile will shake, or it will be unable to shift normally.
As an important part of automobile, gearbox has a great influence on automobile. The maintenance of the gearbox is similar to that of the engine. The engine oil needs to be changed regularly to effectively extend the service life of the vehicle.
If synthetic oil is used, the transmission oil shall be checked regularly. For automatic transmission, the transmission oil shall be replaced once every 4 years. Different vehicle types are matched with different transmission types, and the maintenance methods of the transmission are different. The manual transmission uses mineral oil gear oil, which usually needs to be replaced every 3 years or 60000 km.