Enterprise quality credit report

1、 Scope of preparation
This report is the Enterprise Quality Credit Report publicly released by Sichuan Yingang Yitong Cam Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Yingang Yitong"). This report is based on the actual operation of Yingang and prepared with an objective attitude. The content of the report is true and effective. The report includes the company's quality organization system, quality policy, quality culture, process quality control, etc. The report is published regularly and has been supervised and guided by the society.
Report organization: Sichuan Yingang Yitong Cam Technology Co., Ltd
Reporting time range: January 2015 to December 2015
Report release cycle: this report is an annual report
Description of report data: the data in this report is from the company's internal statistics
Access to the report: official website of Silver Cam
2、 Speech by senior management
China is already the largest automobile market in the world. If China's automobile industry does not have its own brand and core technology, it is unthinkable. China is already the second largest economy in the world, and it will certainly have its own international brand in the automobile industry. It is precisely based on this mission and confidence that in 1995, the silver steel cam was born and moved forward bravely. Although we have gone through all kinds of ups and downs, the road of future development will not be smooth, but now that we understand this mission, strengthen our confidence, and have our own direction and goals, we will not hesitate to pursue our dreams more persistently. Compared with 20 years ago, Silver Steel today has accumulated a certain amount of family resources, has its own base, and firmly rooted in the market, We are moving towards our goal step by step.
The company pays attention to the training of quality management talents. In recent years, it has selected personnel at different levels, trained internal auditors, learned quality inspection, learned quality engineers and other quality professional knowledge organized by various industries at the national, provincial and municipal levels, and learned excellent quality management methods from relevant enterprises. At present, the company has formed an elite team of quality management.
Relying on high-tech talents and high-tech management, research and develop high-tech products with independent intellectual property rights and in line with national industrial policies to ensure the progressiveness of products. From raw material procurement, equipment purchase, product development, product production, quality assurance to continuous upgrading of process technology, the company has always been a leader in the domestic market in terms of quality level and variety, constantly meeting customer needs, continuous product upgrading, and meeting customer and national requirements for energy conservation and environmental protection.
Over the years, we have focused on the R&D and production of automobile, motorcycle and general engine camshafts, focusing on high-quality products. Today, silver steel cams have been widely recognized by the society. Adhering to a high starting point, high standard and high quality, the company leads the development direction of research, development and production of automobile, motorcycle and general engine camshafts, and has made its due contribution to regional economic construction.
Competition is the eternal melody of the market economy - harmony can only be the harmony of the strong in the end. With the continuous development of Yingang Company, the market environment faced by the newly born Chinese automobile cams will continue to deteriorate, which is a kind of realistic pressure, but Yingang people never lack the spirit of fighting bravely at the critical moment. The progress of Yingang people will not hesitate or stagnate due to changes in the external environment - even if it takes several generations of continuous efforts, we must achieve the ultimate goal.
We understand that courage and spirit are not enough. On the road to building a famous brand, Silver Steel needs to unite all forces that can be united to establish our united front, actively carry out international cooperation, innovate cooperation models, and achieve the goal of mutual win-win and common development with its partners when realizing and improving its own competitiveness and brand.
3、 Company Profile
Products: camshaft blanks and assemblies for automobiles, motorcycle engines, general machinery, common rail pump drive shafts, gears;
Time of establishment: 1995
Total number of employees: 660
Floor area: 150000m
Annual output value: 170 million yuan
Since its establishment in 1995, after more than 20 years of development, the company has gradually become a national high-tech enterprise group specializing in the R&D, manufacturing and sales of core components such as thermal power camshafts, crankshafts, etc. for automobiles, motorcycles, general engines, and automotive transmission fork shafts.
The Group has advanced complete sets of industry-leading processing, testing, research equipment and technology. At the same time, we have advanced production management and quality control systems in the industry to ensure customer satisfaction.
The Group has become a supplier of world famous automobile, motorcycle and general engine enterprises such as BMW, Chrysler, Honda, Nissan, Yamaha, Suzuki, Biacho, Briggs&Stratton, Dongfeng, Chang'an, TVS, etc.
Relying on the support of many excellent enterprises and customers in management, technology and quality, the company continuously improves its comprehensive strength and is committed to building the enterprise into a world-class "shaft production base".
The company was founded in 1995, with assets of 290 million (including 160 million fixed assets), 650 employees and sales revenue of 173 million yuan in 2015. It is capable of producing 2.5 million sets of automobile camshafts, 15 million sets of motorcycle camshafts and 2 million sets of general engine camshafts annually.
1、 Enterprise quality policy
2、 Enterprise quality management
1. Quality management organization
2. Quality management system
3. Quality management risk
3、 Quality integrity management
1. Quality integrity management
(1) Product design integrity management
(2) Integrity management of raw material procurement
(3) Integrity management in production process
(4) After sales service integrity management
2. Quality culture construction
4、 Enterprise Quality Basis
1. Enterprise product standard
2. Enterprise measurement level
3. Certification and recognition
4. Quality inspection
5、 Product quality responsibility
1. Product quality level
2. Product after-sales responsibility
3. Corporate Social Responsibility
4. Quality credit record
Quality credit report
1、 Enterprise quality concept
The quality policy of the enterprise is: high-quality products, excellent service, continuous improvement and customer satisfaction.
1. "Customer satisfaction" is the eternal purpose of the company, and providing "zero defect" products and considerate service to customers is the goal of every employee of the company.
2. In order to achieve the above quality policy, your company has established and improved the quality management system throughout the company in accordance with the requirements of ISO/TS16949:2009 international standard.
3. Focus on prevention, pay attention to the process, and adhere to the continuous growth of customer demand and expectations.
4. All employees of Yingang Company firmly implement the quality awareness of "customer first, quality first, and all employees will do their work correctly once they participate", strive for perfection and production, seek benefits from work quality, product quality and service quality, and ensure that they are in an excellent position in the fierce market competition.
5. The company has determined the enterprise quality management system, broken it down to relevant departments, and reported regularly.
6. Focusing on customers, all production and operation activities of the company are aimed at improving customer satisfaction to ensure that customer requirements are determined and met.
7. The company focuses on establishing strategic cooperation with suppliers to reduce the manufacturing costs of both parties. Strengthen communication with suppliers, coordinate and solve existing problems in a timely manner, and improve the quality of product supply.
8. The quality department of the company implements the sampling inspection system, and the quality department reports the indicators at the regular meeting every week, and analyzes the indicators. At the same time, the finished products shall be sampled and tested irregularly, and the quality shall be reported.
9. The company implements brand strategy, promotes brand construction, and improves product quality and service level.
2、 Enterprise quality management
1. Quality management organization
According to the requirements of ISO/TS16949:2009 international standard, a perfect management organization has been established.
2. Quality management system
Yingang always adheres to the principle of customer orientation, adopts the process approach, establishes and implements the ISO/TS16949:2009 quality management system, and continuously improves its effectiveness to meet customer requirements and enhance customer satisfaction. Yingang Company adopts a systematic and comprehensive PDCA cycle method to manage and improve the process. According to the process method commonly used in the automobile industry, focusing on the customer oriented process, it identifies the corresponding support process and management process, determines the process owners and process performance, and establishes an end-to-end process to meet the business management and customer needs of Yingang Company.
Silver Steel establishes quality objectives at different levels, signs a target responsibility letter, and the quality department supervises and measures the formulation and implementation of objectives, and constantly improves and updates the target system.
Through the implementation of methods and training on quality awareness and quality tools every year, ensure that employees continuously improve their awareness of meeting customer requirements, correctly use various quality tools to measure, analyze the information and performance of various processes and products, evaluate the Kong family that can be improved, and take measures to continuously improve the process performance of products.
The company has trained a large number of auditors for many years. Every year, qualified auditors carry out product audit, process audit and system audit according to the planned scheme to continuously improve product quality, process quality and system quality.
3. Quality risk management
In terms of quality risk management, Yingang has standardized the system and work flow, and formulated the quality complaint handling method:
First of all, for the customer feedback problem, our company has after-sales personnel who will contact the customer within two hours after receiving the notice and deal with it. When the after-sales personnel are unable to deal with it, they will request our quality department and technology department to discuss and negotiate to immediately respond to solve the problem, understand the use situation after the problem is eliminated, and keep tracking.
Secondly, when problems occur on the client side, our company immediately checks our inventory status, and makes corresponding treatment according to the 8D principle.
3、 Quality integrity management
1. Product design integrity management
The Technology Department is the birthplace of the technical standards of the entire enterprise, the key to the realization of new product development of the Technology Department, and the product standard setter of the company. It plays a vital role in the future development of the company. In this regard, the Technology Department has made relevant plans for the development direction and main tasks in the next three years. Main tasks:
⑴ Introduce German assembled camshaft technology and equipment.
⑵ Communicate with customers and customize the engine camshaft assembly for customers.
⑶ Work with customers to optimize and improve the original products, improve quality and reduce costs;
(4) Strengthen technical communication with customers of assembly products. Cooperate with customers to develop new products and improve the company's market competitiveness;
2. Integrity management of raw material procurement
Yingang has always adhered to the principles of mutual communication, mutual respect, mutual assistance, mutual trust and common development, coexisting with suppliers, establishing a new partnership, constantly improving the overall level of Yingang's supply system and procurement management level, jointly building a world famous camshaft manufacturer, and ultimately achieving a win-win situation in the market competition with suppliers, as shown below:
First of all, strengthen strategic cooperation, build a win-win mechanism, and constantly improve the overall level of suppliers. Silver Steel has established a long-term strategic partnership with suppliers of raw materials and parts, and has established a more solid partnership.
secondly. Strengthen communication and exchange with suppliers. By holding annual supplier meetings, supplier general manager exchanges, high-level interviews and other activities, we focus on long-term communication, cooperation and exchange with suppliers, and create more channels to comprehensively communicate with suppliers, improve communication and improve product quality. Really achieve mutual benefit, common development and common improvement with suppliers.
Third, according to the Contract Law of the People's Republic of China and other relevant laws and regulations, Yingang Corporation has formulated the Procurement Contract of Yingang Corporation. All suppliers who supply bulk goods to Yingang Corporation must sign the Main Procurement Contract of Yingang Corporation, which stipulates the responsibilities and obligations of both parties, supply price, delivery period, payment period, etc., and establishes a fair and just contract performance relationship with suppliers.
3. Integrity management in production process
The production process is the most important link to realize the product process. Implement the integrity management of the production process, implement the principle that the next process is the customer, and improve customer satisfaction. At present, the camshaft manufacturing field is mainly divided into four processes: rough turning, finishing, press fitting and cleaning. Each process has strict standards for production and quality management, such as self inspection, mutual inspection, special inspection and other standardization work. In case of any abnormal problem found during the manufacturing process, the quick response mechanism shall be started immediately, including the traceability management of products, to ensure that the nonconforming products do not flow out. At the same time, we will continue to improve the product quality according to the increasingly improved standard requirements of customers. Implement the quality responsibility system, honest operation and honest management, and regulate the behavior of personnel at all levels from the system, so that customers can rest assured.
4. After sales service integrity management
Yingang Company carried out customer file recording and management, comprehensively standardized the after-sales service process from the aspects of basic guarantee, core process, customer relationship, spare parts operation and continuous improvement, and ensured better service to the client.
5. Quality culture construction
Quality culture is an important part of the corporate culture of Yingang Company, and it is the integration of all the common values, beliefs, codes of conduct and their performance in terms of quality. Based on the development strategy and corporate culture, Yingang has determined that "customer satisfaction" is the eternal purpose of the company, and the quality policy of providing customers with "zero defect" products and considerate services is the unswerving goal of every employee of the company. The company has determined the general quality purpose and quality direction, and has also defined the guiding ideology for your company's quality. It is also a solemn commitment made by the company to customers. "Zero defect" not only means that the product quality is 100% qualified and the service quality is 100% satisfied, but also means that the work quality is zero error. "Customer satisfaction" is not only the goal of the company, but also the only standard to inspect and measure the quality work effect.
In the process of quality culture construction, Yingang has always fulfilled the quality responsibility and quality integrity as the main body. Through the publicity, education and training of quality awareness and quality laws and regulations awareness, it has gradually established the business philosophy of "quality first and integrity based" in the company. Since its establishment, Yingang has strictly complied with the requirements of national laws and regulations, actively implemented the provisions of the Product Quality Law in quality management, effectively implemented the main responsibility of enterprise quality, established and improved various quality and safety responsibility mechanisms, improved the quality organization and quality responsible person, implemented the quality head responsibility system at all levels, and institutionalized the quality and safety responsibility mechanism through the Quality Management Manual. At the same time, The Quality Management Center and the Human Resources Department of the Company jointly implement the quality assessment system, sign annual target responsibilities level by level and implement them level by level. Formulated according to the national quality regulations, actively fulfilled the obligations of "three guarantees" for product quality and recall of defective products, assumed the liability for compensation for quality losses in accordance with the law, and bravely assumed the rights and interests of consumers.
Silver Steel vigorously promotes advanced technical means and modern quality management concepts and methods, widely carries out quality improvement, quality public relations, quality comparison, quality risk analysis, quality cost control, quality management team and other activities, and promotes the technical level of quality management. In 2014, the company organized quality awareness training and education activities for all employees, and the employee participation rate reached 98%. At the same time, Yingang has carried out quality standards and quality tools training, with a total of 505 person times of training, and more than 200000 yuan of investment. In the production and manufacturing process, while strictly implementing the "three non principles" and "three inspection system", Silver Steel has also established a perfect quality information transmission mechanism, so that any quality problem will be the fastest